28 April 2011

Release of EXILE by Anne Osterlund

Today…today…Ladies and gentlemen, let me inform you—and perhaps remind you—that today, Exile by Anne Osterlund is being released to the eagerly howling public. 

A few brief words on Exile and the author, Anne Osterlund.

Exile was a fantastic sequel to the first book Aurelia.  It was a series—a world, a cast of characters and a writing style—that I fell in love with immediately.  Aurelia is tenacious and clever and Robert is not your average, every-day stock hero.  In Exile, there was so much that I didn’t expect but I absolutely devoured it.  The characters expanded, as did the reader’s knowledge of the world and the writing style matured.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Osterlund last year.  She is one fantastic lady.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (for shame!) then let me further indulge in your curious literary senses.

For a princess, love might be the most dangerous vice of all.

Crown princess Aurelia is a survivor.  She survived attempted assassination.  She survived the king’s rejection.  She survived her mother’s abandonment.  And now, in exile, she must survive her kingdom—from hostile crowds to raw frontier to desert sands.  But even as unknown assailants track Aurelia and expedition guide Robert, she knows what her greatest risk is: falling in love.

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