01 March 2011

The Literary Reversal

Am I the only one who’s totally, completely, absolutely, irrevocably psyched about Outside In coming out TODAY!?  And I must be the only one who is stuck at home with a sore throat when I could have gone to Borders after SCHOOL to get my copy.  Fate, go kick rocks.

While I sit here wallowing in self-pity, hundreds of fellow YA fans are making their way like tiny ants to the home hill to get their very own copy of Outside In, again while I sit here and glare at them through my crystal ball, wishing I had the cursing powers of the Wicked Witch of the West. 

What do I have to look forward to today?  Oh I don’t know.  I might try to leap a building in a single bound or fly through downtown wearing a skintight spider outfit (god forbid…*shudders*…what a horrible sight).  Actually, I’m going to be a good girl (observe alter ego eye rolling here) and I’m going to load New Novelist 2.0 onto my computer, finish an assignment due tomorrow and keep up with my English class by reading the assigned work.

Yeah.  Imma dork.

But I won’t go down in vain!  I will tell the world, right here and now, just WHY I think Outside In is so freaking awesome.  This will be my last stand while everyone else is out being happy with their own copy.  *sigh*

Maria V. Snyder is one heckuva awesome lady.  I’ve really been lucky to make contact with so many incredible authors.  They’ve all proven to me that authors in general are not another different species entirely and they do actually eat and sleep and aren’t affected by kryptonite. 

I’ve always loved Maria V. Snyder’s books from the moment I got Poison Study out from the library.  At first I was taken aback by the unique writing style but I learned to love it and appreciate it.  Now, I own all of Maria V. Snyder’s published works.  With Outside In, she has published nine novels.  I can really admire her for not only writing so wonderfully and having such a fun personality, but all her books are appropriate.  I never have to worry about running across a swear word every page or a sex scene every other chapter.  And her books are SO MUCH FUN. 


While ya’ll are out grabbing a copy and starting it rightnowrightthissecond, I will sit here and commiserate with my sore throat and my chocolate ice cream and country radio.

Perhaps by and by…did ya’ll know that Maria V. Snyder is coming out with a NEW BOOK (*HOLYFUDGE*) January 2012?

Hasta luego!