27 February 2011

In My Mailbox (33)

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So in a famous fit of insanity, I decided to go ahead and put up my new layout.  Snazzy, yes?  Even though I defiled the name of a writer and spelled TRROUBLE wrong….*nods sadly*…

Okay.  Let’s boogie.

I got ONE book this past week.  (Better than nothing, yes, but STILL!)  I can’t say one miserable book because this book was far from miserable.  I freaking loved this book.  I finished it the same day I got it.  So maybe I won’t request to have it in my coffin with me when I’m buried (maybe cremated? O.o) but I’d definitely put it on my kid’s bookshelves.  (If kids come into the picture at all…o.o)

The Reckoning
Kelley Armstrong
^^just in case you can’t see it quite obviously on the cover^^

I’m horrendously behind on my reviews (inner voice ranting redacted) but I promise to write an awesome review for this book.  I can’t buy the whole series until this book comes out in paperback (in freaking APRIL!) so we need some space-time continuum manipulation here before I die from suspense and NEVER get to own the series.  *sigh*  My life…

I can make a promise right here and now for next week: Imma gonna ransack my school library like my brother’s ransacked the doughnuts this morning!  I want BOOKS to show OFF!  And if we all believe hard enough, it may come true!

And finally….New York City can take a breath of relief because I don’t hate it AS MUCH now….since, you know, they have a GREAT country radio station I can get on my iPod.  New York City, I’ll forgive you a little bit for hosting all the crappiest urban fantasy stories (except Twilight, since that takes place in the middle of god awful NOWHERE and has werewolves and vampires vying to see who’s more macho…>>werewolves ftw!).  And if anyone wants to make a remark about how listening to country means I have no life (says one of my friends on Facebook…with CONVICTION) I will attack you with a marshmallow launcher.


Did you know that you can now keep track of my upcoming reviews by that nifty little widget to the side there?  Yeah.  That’s just awesome right?  Yeah.  You’re welcome. ^_^

What did ya’ll get in YOUR mailboxes this week?