20 February 2011

In My Mailbox (31+32)

ss_inmymailbox2 copy

Just in case you didn’t read my latest memo: no, I am not dead and I don’t plan to be dead in the foreseeable future.  (And if you’re a psychic and see me lying dead in a ditch somewhere next week, give me the benefit of the doubt.  My beloved mouse wasn’t working right and when I blew on it to get the grit out, I nearly wet myself because I’ve had way too much soda.  And I’ve got a crapload of stuff due tomorrow that I didn’t get done yesterday because I planned Scrabble all day with my dad and watched Iron Man 2.  My CS3 won’t play nice with other programs, my camera doesn’t want to shoot video and this morning, my dog stole and proceeded to eat a stick of butter off the counter.  In other words, psychics, let me die suddenly and unexpectedly.  Otherwise it would mess up my schedule…)

So.  Last week, I was supposed to share with you several pictures my father took of my flushed face and wild hair that was the product of me running through the upstairs, clutching my first ever ARC to my chest.  I blame Darby Karchut because she was awesome enough to ask me if I’d like to review her book (and so, duh, I said yes, hello elemental stories, anyone?).  But I don’t have those pictures today.  Sorry bout that. 

I do have pictures of all the books I got these past two weeks, since I was a dork last week and didn’t get up my IMM post.


Deadly Little Secret | Deadly Little Lies
Laurie Faria Stolarz

I’ve read SECRET before, but I checked it out just in case I needed to reread it in order to understand LIES.  LIES was one of those books that I read so fast that I didn’t even remember to put it as “currently-reading”.  The book frustrated me to no end but I had fun with it, too.  So it [the review] will be up sometime this week.


Pride and Prejudice | In the Forests of the Night
Jane Austen  |  Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Both of these came from my school library (now they have to bear the brunt of my reading craze because I pass the library on my way to lunch and after I was in there last week with my English class, I realized that they actually have some really good books in there, soo…).  FORESTS was recommended to me by a fellow book lover in my English class and I’ve read Atwater’s stuff before, so when I found it, I checked it out.  As for PRIDE, I absolutely adore the movie with Kiera Knightley so when I found this lurking near FORESTS, I checked it out, too.


Griffin Rising
Darby Karchut

Dun dundun duuuunnnnn!!!  My very first ARC ever received first hand.  My underground book provider, secret codename: Punch, has passed along several ARCs to me but this is the first one I’ve gotten from the author.  Ms. Karchut is one helluva awesome lady and didn’t mind in the slightest that I  sent her a slightly overwhelming, possibly hysterical email expressing my thanks when I got her book in the mail.  OH!  And a bracelet too!  I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  I’m so used to it being on my wrist that I totally forgot.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to contribute a lot of time to her work yet (though I am about thirty pages into her book).


Just for Kicks
The Cat

I thought it was hilarious when my cat randomly decided to steal my chair one day so I took a picture.

What did ya’ll get in YOUR mailboxes?