18 February 2011

I’m Sorta Back….

So if I could turn your attention to the date above my last post (the one prior to this one).  You might notice that it reads “February 6, 2011”—which is almost two weeks ago.  Normally, I don’t go so long without posting at least something but I couldn’t even get to my In My Mailbox post this past week.  The only literary-related stuff I’ve been able to get to do is read (a few minutes during school) and use the Goodreads app on my ipod to troll for new books.  As usual, I’m busier than ever with school and since I’m home for today, I’ve set my sights on my blog and the things I gotta do to get it back up to date.  This also encompasses emails as well. 

So I just wanted to say plainly that I am not dead—yet—though I very well might die when midterms roll around next month.  I am getting to read a little bit and I’m currently reading several books.  I can’t wait to share them with you in a combo In My Mailbox this Sunday. :)

I hope everyone is doing well and that you’ve all got your noses in wonderful books!

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