04 January 2011

New Rating System

Hey ya’ll.  Just a bit of a heads up.  For those of you who read my reviews, you’ll notice a slight change in the ratings.

I’ve previously been using my own “Grading” system, which uses A, B, C, D, F like a school report type of thing.  I can’t really say what inspired me to think about changing, but from now on, I’m going to be using the number rating system.  I’ve decided to go with 1-5 instead of 1-10 because 1-5 is more widely used in the general community (like Goodreads). 

So that’s just a heads up before I post my next review with the rating system instead of grading. :)

Cheers, ya’ll. ^_^

NOTE:  Almost to 200 followers!  Been hovering at 195 for FOREVER but I'm almost there! :D