29 January 2011

In My Mailbox (29)

In My Mailbox

So yeah.  I look freaking high in this video but hey, my head hurts but books make me happy enough to BEAR THE PAIN!  And I know books make ya’ll happy too, so that’s why I filmed the video.  My headache was most likely caused by my horrendous posture, but then again, staying up past midnight on a random Friday night was not the smartest idea in the world.  So yeah.  Enjoy the AWESOME video! XD

Note: I’m surprised I didn’t remember the slacking of the USPS and didn’t burst into tears.  I have two books that I ordered and they haven’t come yet!  *bawling*  They’re totally awesome books, too, or so I assume so.  I loved the first book and I’m DYING to read those other two books!!!  For God’s sake, USPS!  HURRY THE HECK UP!


I want no caption here! So there!

From the library:

  • Willow – Julia Hoban
  • Hood – Stephen R. Lawhead

From my god awful school:

  • Elements of Literature (Fifth Edition/North Carolina Edition): Essentials of American Literature – published by Holt

Recent Reviews

Only ONE review this past week!  I’m totally slacking!

What should I read after “Hood” and “Willow”?  Decisions…decisions…
Paper Towns (John Green) or Sapphique (Catherine Fisher)?