16 January 2011

In My Mailbox (27)

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Hello and good day to you! :)  I myself have had a pretty good week.  Got two books yesterday (and Oreos XD).

And um…yeah…sorry for the constant interruptions via animals.

The cat—Gigi—who we just call “Cat”, and my German shepherd, Dora. The goofball.


  • XVI – Julia Karr
  • The Red Pyramid – Rick Riordan

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  • Torment – Lauren Kate

I was going through a few blogs of author’s that I stal—*cough*—follow and found a fascinating article about fatphobia in YA literature.  I felt very strongly about this article because it points out continuous flaws that are generally accepted by readers but that need to be fixed.  For instance, the life of being “fat” is never really explored—at least not widely.  You pick out almost any YA book and the cover will feature a thin model, the main character will be slender and the comic relief will be “a few pounds over curvy”.  I myself am about fifteen pounds over wholesome and some of my friends will tell me, “You aren’t fat.  Just work with what you have.” Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t get depressed about those few extra pounds when it comes to clothes shopping.  Easy for my friends (thin that they are) to say that.

So I’d really like to see books that represent the REAL life of someone who is overweight.  I hate how it’s become almost a taboo, as if a book like that wouldn’t sell or something.  And if someone is going to write a book about it, they should just write it how it is.  It isn’t necessary to draw all the attention to that one person.  Just don’t always make them the comic relief or ugly or disgusting.

I think the author of this article really did a phenomenal job.  You can read it here.

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