26 December 2010

White Christmas

I woke up this morning and BOOM!  A flash of bright white light through my window.  It is completely WHITE outside.  We've got nearly four inches of snow!  And as I told my lovely friend Linna @ 21 Pages (shameless name dropping), this is the first White Christmas Charlotte, NC has seen since 1947.  Can you say HISTORIC MOMENT!?

So I went out and took some pictures for ya'll. :)

My cat adores sitting on window sills.  You also get a good look at the falling snow. :)


My German shepherd, Dora.

Look at that nose, Santa Buddy. XD

Not melting...frozen...

My backyard.

Out my front window.

I mean...seriously...wow.

The trademark of a historic moment. XD
I also have some video but it's pretty long and I can't edit videos worth a crap. XD So We'll all just make do with the pictures.  I spent a good half hour to forty-five minutes outside in the snow this morning.  So much so that I couldn't feel my thighs when I came back inside.  Fun times!  I think it's stopped snowing but it might be a while before all this stuff melts away...then again, this is Charlotte we're talking about.  So it might be gone by Wednesday for all I know.  :(  But due to the weather in the mountains (through which we have to pass in order to get to Kentucky) I'm not leaving until tomorrow.  So I'll have plenty of time to continue reading "The Exiled Queen" by Cinda Williams Chima.  I must admit.  I've started rereading "Moon Called" by Patricia Briggs and it's taken away from "The Exiled Queen".  But I can't help myself!  I love the Mercy Thompson series!

And as you can see, I've set up Intense Database commenting.  I want to be able to reply directly to everyone's comment and I figured this is easiest.  :)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! :)