29 December 2010

A Slice of Heaven - Part II

So I've got plenty of sequels going on here!  Jeez, you'd think I was an expert at this or something.


I'm pleased to announce that...wait for it...waaaaaiiiit for it...

I am completely broke.  That's right, folks.  I have absolutely nothing left to buy books with.  There is a measly, miserable amount of 45 cents burning a hole in my pocket right now.  But where did all that money go, you ask?

What else, genius?  Books, of course.

On the trek for books, I solved one of my childhood mysteries, by the way.  There's a ginormous bookstore here in Lexington called Joseph Beth.  Well, I remember going there when I was little but didn't know that it was a bookstore (I thought it was a library) and when I walked in and saw the huge dome and escalator, I recognized it.  Eureka!  That aside...

I went back to Half-Price Books (of course I did) and grabbed four more books.  Funny thing, that.  I came to Lexington with ONE book (Moon Called by Patricia Briggs) and I'm returning home with the whopping number of THIRTEEN!

These are the books I got today:

  • The Singer of All Songs - Kate Constable
  • The Cry of the Icemark - Stuart Hill
  • North of Beautiful - Justina Chen Headley (SIGNED)
  • The Thief Queen's Daughter - Elizabeth Haydon
Unfortunately, "North of Beautiful" came without a dust jacket BUT I figured I was willing to overlook that considering it was SIGNED!  I would take a picture but I have crappy light where I am so I'll wait for next week's IMM for that. :)

Here's all the books I got:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!? ^_^  I can't wait to get started!

I hope ya'll are having such an awesome week.  Did you know that "Sapphique by Catherine Fisher released yesterday?!  As soon as I'm back in Charlotte (and with money to burn) I'm getting that sucker, you know that boy. ^_^

If you're curious as to how in the world this could be a Part II post, check out Part I of Slice of Heaven here.