01 October 2010

What Next?

I'm agonizing over which book I should read next, since I've got some AWESOME titles in my possession. *slow evil laugh*

I'm currently reading "Ascendant" by Diana Peterfreund.

But what happens when I'm done with the bottle of awesomeness that is "Ascendant"?

So help a sistah out, huh?

Go over to the right--no, your other right--in the sidebar and if you eyeball it long enough, you'll find a itsy bitsy little poll.  Please, please tell me what the heck I should read next.  'Cause I'm kinda overwhelmed with all the awesomeness about to burst from my shelf. *series nod*


OH!  And check this out!  I thought this was so incredibly awesome!

The Best Review of Twilight -- Ever!

You will NEVER guess who wrote it! ^_^