27 October 2010

Pros & Cons of Falling for the Fallen Angel (Guest Post)

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First, I must apologize again for not having this up a few weeks ago, when it was supposed to be up.  I have a bunch of reasons but none of them constitute an excuse.  I've been looking forward to Maggie's post for a while now and she was true to form. :) So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the magnificent Miss Maggie! ^_^
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Fallen angels. First let’s discuss what, exactly, they are. They are usually defined with two words. These words may come obviously to you, because they are the name of the thing.

1) Fallen
2) Angel

I think it’s these two words that really do define a fallen angel. (I swear I’m getting somewhere with this! Well, sorta.) Fallen can usually mean leaving the place where an object once was, downwards. With this definition we can infer that the angel (beautiful thing, oh man, swoon) has moved downwards from where it once was. And where are angels usually associated? Heaven! That’s right! Therefore, being the smart people we are, we can infer that the angel has fallen downwards.

Downwards leads to Earth.

Falling is usually something you don’t necessarily choose to do, especially when you’re leaving a place like Heaven to fall down to Earth, I might add. I mean, in Heaven ice-cream is never-ending, and you don’t get fat if you keep eating it, so obviously it’s a pretty awesome place, right?

(This is all beginning to get very tiresome, even to me.)

Now that we’ve acknowledged what a fallen angel is. . .

Let’s get to the pros and cons for falling for one!!

Falling, as we’ve found out, is never really a good thing. But is that always true when it comes to special things like angels? But what about when the angel itself has fallen. Do you want to fall for something that is already associated as bad? That would be like doing bad to the even worse, wouldn’t you say?

Well, I disagree.

I think falling for fallen angels are alllllll pros. Let’s list them. They are hothothot. I mean, dayum, that’s falling for the bad boy, and bad boys are just plain sexay. As if they weren’t already irresistible enough being angels, when you add in the fact that they’ve actually gotten kicked out of Heaven, you just want to maul them. (Virtually, of course, in the best way. Heh.) They’ve got both sweet and sexy, combined. Not to mention the fact that he’s got ties to both Heaven and Hell, and can most likely get you whatever you want.

There are cons, of course. You’ll have other girls competing with you for your man. He’ll probably flirt back, simply because he can. He’ll be moody a lot, worrying about gaining his wings back and the angel that he was with before going crazy and stalking you down. And yeah, you will have crazies stalking you down, because that’s simply what happens when you’re in love with a paranormal.

When you fight with him, he’ll most likely win, what with the angel looks, and convincing things that made him fall in the first place. But, did I mention he’ll be adorably yummy? He’ll probably wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle to balance out the bad-boy and angel. He’ll be sweet, but cocky as well.

Basically he’ll be bipolar, which will make for good moments and bad moments.

I, for one, totally think the pros outweigh the cons. Maybe that’s just me and my obsession with fallen angels in the first place. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m easily distracted and swooned by cute boys. I’m willing to deal with the moodiness and all that comes with a fallen angel, though, hands down.

But what about you? Would you mind falling for a fallen angel? Got any other pros or cons that I didn’t mention? Share it up!

(Also, thanks, Amelia, for letting me steal your blog today!)


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Seriously, I've gotten the pleasure of having some awesome guests on here. :)  Big thanks to Maggie! ^_^