10 October 2010

In My Mailbox (15)

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So... no video this week. :(  I had a fun night last night with some friends over and though I'm not exhausted (shocker) I am totally not up to a video...at least, and still have a followship afterwards. XD

I got some awesome stuff this week!  (links go to Goodreads)


  • None. :(
Received: (via trade)
Received: (via awesome friend & fellow blogger!)
Like I said, awesome week!  I won "I Shall Wear Midnight" from a Goodreads giveaway and I cannot believe "I am Number Four" came in the library so quickly.

I'm expecting  many books from ARC Book Tours (Good Golly Miss Holly) and from the said awesome friend & fellow blogger. ^_^

In other news...

Poll Results: (from most to least)
  1. [TIE] The Iron King - Julia Kagawa - 7
  2. [TIE] Halo - Alexandra Adornetto - 7
  3. Torment - Lauren Kate - 6
  4. The Exiled Queen - Cinda Williams Chima - 3 (ARE YA'LL CRAZY!?*)
  5. [TIE] She's So Dead to Us - Kieran Scott - 1
  6. [TIE] Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey - 1
  7. Eyes Like Stars - Lisa Mantchev - 0
  8. Claire de Lune - Christine Johnson - 0
There were 25 votes--woot, woot!  Thank you everyone who participated! ^_^

* = Now really, I know urban fantasy is all the craze nowadays but only THREE votes for "The Exiled Queen"!?  I am shocked!  Ya'll need to seriously get into some GOOD fantasy--like Cinda Williams Chima.  That is my order for the day.  Read.  Cinda. Williams. Chima.  Right now.

As I watched, "The Iron King" stayed in the lead the longest, so I'll be picking that one up next.  But since I appreciate good literary fantasy (like Cinda Williams Chima) I'll be moving on to "The Exiled Queen".  I'll prove to you that fantasy is still in the game here! XD

I know you might have noticed that it says I'm currently reading "Jekel Loves Hyde" and yes, as a matter of fact I am, and I'll tell you why. (Don't look at me like that!  Don't get your knickers in a twist.  Just wait.  I'll explain right now.)  Library books always get read first since I'm on a time limit.  With school and everything I don't have as much time as I'd like sooooo....I have to put some brain power behind scheduling which books I read when...so I can read them.  It would suck if I was in the middle of "I am Number Four" and it was three days overdue.  

Regardless, thank you all for voting! ^_^  I really appreciate the participation!

Upcoming Reviews:
  • Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
  • Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey
I...uh...*cough*...happened to finish "Leviathan" last Wednesday but I haven't put a review up yet...*awkward look*...yeah...don't worry!  I'll get it up!...as soon as I write it. XD

Calling Scott Westerfeld Fans - It is confirmed that I will be at Scott Westerfeld's appearance in Raleigh, NC on the 22nd of this month.  If ya'll want more information on S.W.'s tour schedule, click away!

Oooohhh...annnnnddd....it's my brother's b-day tomorrow.  Happy 21st to my big bro. :)

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