03 October 2010

Calling all Scott Westerfeld Fans!

As you all know (not really, barely some of you know this XD) I'm currently glued to "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld--yeah, I know that is says that I'm currently reading "Ascendant" but give me a break.
I can't remember exactly how I got there--actually, yes I do.  I was researching the sequel "Behemoth" (publishes October 5th) and was searching for a third book (*fingers still crossed*) when I found Scott Westerfeld's list of appearances...and just so happened to find that there is a location near me...


If you live in North Carolina, start planning...
Scott Westerfeld heads to Raleigh, NC!

Quail Ridge Bookstore
3522 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27607

So it isn't confirmed whether or not I'll be there (MY FIRST AUTHOR SIGNING! *hyperventilation*) since October 23rd is my dad's birthday (big 5-0...shh...) and he'd be the one driving me the two and a half hours to Raleigh.  (Is there a freaking reason why S.W. can't come to freaking Charlotte which is the freaking biggest city in North flipping Carolina?! *cough*)

Alright, all you huffing people out there.  I'm not going to just focus on North Carolina *coughILiecough*  For all you other Scott Westerfeld fans, you can check out if he's coming to a city near you by checking out his Appearance Page.  *butNCisthebestregardless*

Like I said, this will be my first freaking author signing ever.  So yeah, I'm kinda crossing my fingers, toes and earlobes hoping that my dad will agree to drive me up there--on a Friday, the day before his birthday, two and a half hours.  Ya'll had better cross your fingers for me too--no malicious thoughts now! XD

And I can't believe this!  I did a little money counting--I have to budget like CRAP so that I can buy all the books I wanna get--and I discovered to my utter delight that despite the forty-something dollars set aside to buy both "Leviathan" and "Behemoth" on the 22nd AND the three books I plan to buy in the coming weeks ("Beautiful Darkness," "Nightshade," and "Crescendo")...*drum roll*...I will STILL have a good thirty dollars left over to do whatever I please with!  (Translation: the opportunity to buy more books!)

Okay.  I'm done.

Hasta luego, chicas!

(Don't huff at me, boys, if there are any boys reading this. XD)