29 September 2010

Slayed by Amanda Marrone

The Van Helsing family has been hunting vampires for over one hundred years, but sixteen-year-old Daphne wishes her parents would take up an occupation that doesn’t involve decapitating vamps for cash. All Daphne wants is to settle down in one place, attend an actual school, and finally find a BFF to go to the mall with. Instead, Daphne has resigned herself to a life of fast food, cheap motels and buying garlic in bulk. But when the Van Helsings are called to a coastal town in Maine, Daphne’s world is turned upside down. Not only do the Van Helsings find themselves hunting a terrifying new kind of vampire (one without fangs but with a taste for kindergarten cuisine), Daphne meets her first potential BF! The hitch? Her new crush is none other than Tyler Harker, AKA, the son of the rival slayer family. What's a teen vampire slayer to do?

Received via:  ARC Book Tour - Good Golly Miss Holly
  • I may not be a lover of vampires, but there are more than several reasons why this book didn't exactly call to me.  
  • The writing was so-so.  It seemed very half-hearted and there were many mistakes that should have been caught by an editor.  There was nothing in the style that drew me in and kept me riveted.
  • The plot needed serious work.  I can understand a little lull now and again and maybe some loose strings but there wasn't any depth.  There wasn't a lot of mystery; I didn't feel compelled to figure it out for myself.
  • The characters:  No depth whatsoever.  In fact, the most fleshed out character was KiKi (aka: Maybelle Crusher).  The main character, Daphne, was portrayed as weak and dramatic, constantly delivering choppy, unrealistic lines.  You would think, given the fact she'd been slaying vampires since she was twelve, that she would have a backbone.  It felt more like I was watching a soap opera--you know that stuff like this never happens.  There wasn't any sense of realism--more like a dream.  
  • There were promising components.  There were many ideas that I thought were interesting and original--if only they had panned out.  It had great potential at being a really good book if the MC was tougher and more realistic, the love interest not so Ken-like, and stronger supporting characters and atmosphere.  I liked the humor even if there were only spurts of it.  Kiki was hilarious.
  • If I were to choose one word to describe this book, it would be "cute".  Most of the parts were stock--things you see in late night TV shows that carry no substance.  For all the ideas the author had, the book should have been longer to allow the ideas to pan out.  It really petered out towards the end.
  • Overall, not the most enjoyable book for me.
  • WARNING!  Lots of swearing in this book, especially in the beginning and middle--not so much at the end.
Book Info:
  • pages - paperback, 272
  • published - comes out October 5, 2010
  • publisher - Simon & Schuster Children's
  • genre - urban fantasy