05 September 2010

Guest Post: Sam @ Read, Sam Read!

Leading us off in the four guests posts planned for this month, we have the uberawesome SAM from Read, Sam Read!  The topic?  What was your favorite book as a child, and why?
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When I was a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on. Particularly, though, I loved the Magic Treehouse books. You know, the one’s that always had alliterating titles: Ninjas in the Nighttime, Mummies in the Morning, Pirates Past Noon. They were about these two kids who time-traveled and I used to positively eat them up. But even though I really liked them, I knew they didn’t really have any substance. (Yes, even as a little kid, I tried to appear intellectual.) It’s kind of funny because my boyfriend loved to read them also and he recently passed his collection of them on to my little sister, who loves reading.

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint my favorite book. Maybe the wolf books I checked out when I decided I wanted be a vet? Or maybe the Egypt books I checked out when I decided to be an Egyptologist? What about the one I wrote myself and published in the fourth grade, bound with string and put into the bookshelf of my teacher’s classroom? Maybe this part of my life doesn’t count as a kid, still, but when I was in sixth grade, I started to read the Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee. I always tended to read books that weren’t aimed towards my reading level and when I started sixth grade, I’d already won awards for reading so much. So I grabbed these books.

And I fell in love. The main character, Claidi, is a slave in “The House” which is in the middle of the desert and runs away with a handsome, self-absorbed man named Neiman who crashes near The House in a hot air balloon. It’s kind of hard to explain the entire world of the novels, but it was the first time that I fell in love with the world-building of a story – it is so believable and imaginative that I wanted to live there and have all the same adventures as Claidi. From the time I was a kid, I always wanted to be in a book because real life didn’t seem all that exciting to me, and the Claidi Journals are a prime example of some of my escapes. I loved them from the first page.

My reading as a kid definitely shaped the way I read as an (almost) adult, although at this point I’m kind of out of the age range for the books I tend to review (YA). But I love it. I wish that every kid could have a childhood as rich with reading as I did.

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Wasn't that a fabulous post?  I mean seriously, this chica has a serious talent for writing.  Sam!  I expect to see your New York Times bestseller on the shelves next year.  *stern look* :)

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