20 September 2010

Guest Post: Julie @ Citraberry Book Reviews

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I have the awesome pleasure to have Julie here from Citraberry Book Reviews. :)  She's hear to tell us about what qualities make up a perfect book for her.

* * *

Awesome characters are a quality that makes an excellent book! It’s hard to say what I look for exactly in a character because it’s kinda like judging people. Good, well defined characters (both main and secondary) with flaws of some sort are a must for every book. Perfect characters with flawless skin and tons of friends can be very annoying. Audrey from Audrey, Wait! (by Robin Benway) is one of my favorite characters, along with Katniss from The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins) (and if you are the one person who hasn’t read this series, go buy it now and read it).

A page turner, for sure is a good quality! Something that makes me not want to put down can go a long way, from cover to cover. I – and probably everybody else – dislike it very much when there’s a part in a book that just drags, and the characters sit there and do nothing, making the whole dragging thing a whole lot worse.

Some people say plots don’t matter, because characters are what make a story good. I totally agree, but I also disagree. An epic plot is, to me, a quality that makes an excellent book. If you had two books, one with a plot of characters going on a dark and dangerous quest, and the other one with a plot of frolicking unicorns in a meadow, which would you pick?

But I do agree with this: if there are majorly awesome characters, they do rule out the plot. If that makes any sense to you. Thanks so much for having me!

* * *

I totally agree with Julie on this one.  Great characters, in my mind, can be overshadowed by a poorly developed plot.  Well said, Julie!! ^_^  It was great having you. :)