24 August 2010

Teaser Tuesday (6)

Hey, ya'll.  Help a sistah out and tell me who created this meme, if you can! ^_^  Much appreciated.

So I'm currently only reading one book at the moment.  But I bought MOCKINGJAY today!  *squee fest*  I got fifty percent off with the coupon I got as a Borders Rewards member.  Oorah!  I also bought "Princess of the Midnight Ball" by Jessica Day George.  So I was so happy to get my Borders fix! :D

The Dark Divine
by Bree Despain
-excerpted from hardcover page 108-

I felt a bit dizzy as I inspected the at least ten-foot drop down to the other side.  Crap, that's high.  I was wondering how I was ever going to get down when I lost my balance and stumbled off the pillar.  Before I could shriek, something hard and tight wrapped around my arm, wrenching me to a stop a couple of feet from the ground.

* * *

School starts tomorrow for all us unfortunates here in the Charlotte, NC, public school system.  I plan on flaunting my knee-high rainbow socks for tomorrow.  (As well as this awesome makeup I picked up at Sephora today.)
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