17 August 2010

Teaser Tuesday (5)

(I have no idea where "Teaser Tuesday" comes from!  If anyone can provide me with that info, please do via comment.  'Preciate it.)

So my major book-related issue right now (an issue that has NOTHING to do with school-related books, I promise) is that I HATE it when I spend all this time getting into a book only...not to finish it.  It annoys me to NO end!  And I find myself with this problem.  I'm SUPPOSED to be currently reading "Prophecy of the Sisters" and "The Looking Glass Wars".  Perhaps fatigue is just getting to me?  Well, there is no such thing as fatigue when it comes to books--supposedly.

"Prophecy of the Sisters" by Michelle Zink is magnificently written on so many levels--many levels that lack in "The Looking Glass Wars".  But "The Looking Glass Wars" is a fascinating idea!  I just wish it was written a bit better.

I might have reviews up of these this month if I have the inkling to continue reading them.  "Prophecy of the Sisters" I will definitely pick up again if I don't finish reading it this time around.  I guess my internal screening system is malfunctioning or something.

But that's not what you're here for!  You're here for a teaser!  And a teaser you shall have!

So I'm not one to go by the rules--in a good way!  (That's just the rebel in me talkin'.)  So here's a teaser of considerable length.  (Of course, I admit that the longer it is, the less of a teaser it is.  But that's okay.)

Title: Iron Kissed
Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson - Book 3
Previous books: "Moon Called," "Blood Bound"

The sea creature grew very still--and the waves of the ocean subsided like a cat gathering itself to pounce.  The wisps of clouds in the sky darkened.

"And how," he said very quietly, "would she break our glamour?"

"I brought her to help us discover a murderer because she has a very good nose," Zee said.  "If glamour has a weakness, it is scent.  Once she broke that part of the illusion, the rest followed.  She is not powerful or a threat."

The ocean struck without warning.  A giant wave slapped me, robbing me of my footing and my sight.  In one bare instant it stole the heat of my body so I don't think I could have breathed even if my nose wasn't buried in water.  ("Iron Kissed," mass market paperback edition, page 28)

I love the Mercy Thompson books.  And for the more mentally chaste people out there like me, lemme just say that while the cover suggests a racy book, it really isn't!  Very little swearing, no in depth sex scenes or anything like that.

Ash @ Smash Attack Reads! just did a review of "Moon Called," which is the first book in the series.  (And an AWESOME review, I must say.  Those quotes are bloody brilliant.)  Read it here!  (click it, click it, click it!  You know you want to!)

Since I already know I'll be finishing this book and since a review will therefore be put up, if you have any questions about the book you'd like me to answer in my review, please leave a comment with your question.  Because I like seeing some things answered in reviews and most times, can't really find those answers.

What're you currently reading?