12 August 2010

Eon by Alison Goodman

Eon has been studying the ancient art of Dragon Magic for four years, hoping he'll be able to apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune. But he also has a dark secret. He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old who has been living a dangerous lie for the chance to become a Dragoneye, the human link to an energy dragon's power. It is forbidden for females to practice the Dragon Magic and if discovered, Eon faces a terrible death.
  • A surprisingly fantastic read!  Perhaps a little slow at first; it took me a little while to get into it, but once I kept going, I really got into it.  The descriptions are wonderful and the characters realistic and lifelike.  I absolutely love Australian authors.  Every book I've read by an author who's Australian turns out to be fantastic!
  • This is a truly realized world.  I greatly admire authors who spend so much time in their stories to have such cultured and realistic worlds.  It's not something you can fake.  You have to really put time and effort and thought into it.  There's so much depth to the dragons and how the Dragoneyes work.
  • I really liked Eon's--sorry, Eona's--character.  She's terrified of being found out because she'll be killed but then again, she's always coming through the rough parts.  I could really appreciate the layers of her personality.
  • An original idea executed beautifully.  However, if you want a book full of action, you're not going to find it here.  This book is for people who like the ins and outs of court life and the tension of political intrigue.  There is plenty of action at the end of the book--the action coalesces beautifully, not too quickly, very smooth in all the right places.  
  • WARNING!  There are several scenes in this book that are not appropriate for younger teenagers/children/middle grade.  This book is better for older teens.
  • Also, following that, I should mention that a lot of people think there are "controversial" issues in this book, like the fact that Lady Dela is a "man with a woman's spirit" and the men are castrated.  There are also scenes of drug abuse.
  • If you liked "The Will of the Empress" by Tamora Pierce, "Eon" is a step up on many levels.  While Alison Goodman equals Tamora Pierce in writing quality--quality, not style--Alison Goodman's work is definitely for more mature readers.
  • Overall, a very enjoyable read.  The ending was exhilarating!  I cannot wait for the sequel!
  • The Cover: I absolutely LOVE the cover!  And I love the cover to the sequel, Eona.  Great colors and it displays the concept nicely.
(I am SO off my game.  I apologize for the somewhat crappy review.)

Book Info
  • pages - hardcover, 536
  • published - December 2008
  • publisher - Viking Juvenile
  • genre - fantasy
  • sequel - "Eona" (coming early 2011)
  • other info - "Eon" comes out in paperback August 31st