21 August 2010

My Weekly Finds (4)

(My weekly finds is a meme created by yours truly.  You can learn more about visiting the "My Weekly Finds" page.)

So I've got a pretty decent list this week.  Just a little note: I went to the library today! *gasp* I know!  I totally went against the very purpose of the library ban!  But hey, I had books to return and since I was there, I went ahead and grabbed the books I had reserved.  Alright, so I took a jaunt into the YA section and grabbed a book but whatever! XD  Point is, I am guilty as charged.

So now I have some books to show off for tomorrow's IMM! Yay! ^_^

Onto the list...

So not my longest list, but there's plenty of very promising titles there. :) 

* = I think Goodreads is screwing with me.  I could have SWORN on my mother's LIFE that I added this book to my to-read list months ago!  But I look and whoop, there it is.  NOT on my to-read list.  >.> Welllll...I own this book now--literally.  It's sitting proudly on the realistic section of my bookshelf. ^_^

You can also see I went on a Patricia Briggs kick. XD  I've currently got the fourth book in the Mercedes Thompson series, "Bone Crossed".  *squee fest*  Although...*sigh* I can't read it yet. >.> I'm possibly suicidal--education-wise--because I left off my summer assignments for AP English III until the VERY LAST MINUTE!  As in, school starts next Wednesday and I haven't even finish reading both books yet.  (Finished one, working on the other.)  Oh, and as if reading the books weren't torture enough...we've got ASSIGNMENTS to go with them! Typical.

Oh!  And I did some exciting things today!  First of all, I walked into Walmart and in the opening where you can get a shopping cart, or get a soda from the machines, there was a hummingbird flying around the ceiling!  My dad said something to the welcoming lady, but she said there was nothing they could do about it (said very rudely, I might add).  I'm still worried about it because hummingbirds need to feed fairly often and it couldn't find it's way out.  I hope it doesn't die.  I hope someone with brains did something about it.

Also while in Walmart, while my dear old dad was in the garden center, I was in the office supplies aisle.  Ash @ Smash Attack Reads gave me a great idea!  She has a quote journal, where she copies down her favorite quotes from books she reads.  So I picked up a journal of my own--though hers is WAY cooler.  I mean, seriously.  No competition.  But I spent a good hunk of my mid-morning writing down quotes.  (Actually one quote.  Took me forever to copy. XD)  Click here to see her journal.  (seriously, click it!!  That is one super cool journal.)

I hope everyone had a great week!  I'm going to show off some stuff tomorrow on my IMM post (like this awesome bag I picked up at Walgreens) so stop by tomorrow (or later tonight) for that!

Hasta luego!

PS - This is my 100th post!