13 August 2010

Follow Friday (4)

Hello everybody!  Hope you all have had a wonderful week!  Leave a comment if you're stopping by from the FF, as well as a link to your own blog, even if you DON'T have a FF post. :)

Latest reviews:

Contest Update:
Right now, it's Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater) and 13 to Life (Shannon Delany) tied for first.  Shows how much people love their wolves.  [But apparently, no one is interested in or has never heard of "Cast In Shadow" by Michelle Sagara West.  Which is interesting.  It was a pretty decent book and still in perfect condition.]  Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen is in it for second place, followed with Other by Karen Kincy for third.  If you haven't already voted, please do so now before you forget.  You may vote for as many books as you like.

Just a reminder about the books that I own that I'm giving away: They are all in perfect condition.  The only scuffs are from shelf wear.  They are all in salable condition, as in, they are no worse than what you'd find available at the bookstore.  The books I own that I'll be giving away are: OTHER by Karen Kincy, NOMANSLAND by Lesley Hauge, CAST IN SHADOW by Michelle Sagara West, and REBEL ANGELS by Libba Bray.

You have until the 25th to vote.  The contest will start early September.

Upcoming Reviews:
Within the month, I should have the reviews for the following books:
  • The Looking Glass Wars - Frank Beddor
  • Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink
I dare not commit myself to more than that, at least for this month alone.  I have school coming up and two books to read for AP English III along with summer assignments that I haven't started yet.  So yeah.  Irresponsible much, Amelia?

I hope you all have a great week!  Happy reading!