08 July 2010

New Release Date for LINGER!

Alright.  So I'm supposed to be this straight-faced, cool and business-like blogger right?  Psh.  That's basically shot to smithereens right now because I just found out that LINGER by MAGGIE STIEFVATER has been moved up from the 20th to the 13th!!

*waits for the screams to die down*

So we're all beyond excited.  At least I know where I'm gonna be next Tuesday: parked outside Borders two hours before opening.  Not to mention, calling the night before to reserve a copy.  Lord knows that I am gonna get that book FIRST!  Cause I've been feeling pretty jealous seeing my fellow bloggers getting ARC copies while I have to wait for the release like everyone else. XD But no matter!  IT'S COMING OUT IN FIVE DAYS!

I think I'm going to faint.

So there's my little spiel for today.  I am officially psyched.

EDIT:  Yes, it's true that book stores are now carrying Linger.  I have no idea why.  But Maggie Stiefvater has acknowledged this.  I have already gotten my copy of Linger today at Borders.  I'm already halfway done with it, in fact.  However, Linger probably won't be available everywhere until or after it's official release date.  So just be aware that you might not find it at your local bookstore.

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