30 July 2010

My Weekly Finds (1)

These are books that I may or may not read--that may or may not have been released already--that I've added this week to my to-read list.

I put it in list form, since otherwise it would be too long.  (By the length of this list, can't you see what LITTLE of a life I have? XD)

So I guess I can also offer this as proof that--hello--I did not lie when I said I was adding it to my to-read list! XD

Should I start this as a meme?  How the heck do you even START a meme?  Well.  No matter anyways.  This is something I'm gonna be doing every week.  Why?  Cause that's how I rooollll.  (Alright, so I've had way too much sugar today and I need to burn mental energy.  Whatever. XD)

Ciao everyone!