24 July 2010

In My Mailbox (5)

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So I went INSANE this week at the library--note the up-scale insanity word, since "crazy" wasn't strong enough.  Anyways.  As you can see, I raided the library this week (through the request system, so I only requested them and then had to haul them home).  Two of these I bought this morning (Saturday morning).  Two books I have already sent back to the library, done and finished with.  (See: Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs and One Butt Cheek At A Time by Amber Kizer)

EDIT: Notice I included a video.  I'm losing my vlog virginity!  Now everyone can see how much of a dork I am!  ALSO!  I realized AFTER I recorded it that my webcam was on MIRROR IMAGE SETTING!  So everything is flipped around.  *sigh* I'll remember to let off that setting next week.  XD  Another thing, I just cut my hair (myself) and the locks hanging down front are really new to me.  Just thought I'd say.

From the Library: (links go to Goodreads)
Purchased: (from Borders...of course)

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