29 July 2010

Follow Friday (2)

Rachel @ Parajunkee View contacted me this week to ask if I'd be the Featured Blog this week!  Need I say how long I went around the house doing the happy dance?  (My own dysfunctional version of the happy dance, of course.)  I didn't think so either. XD

You can enter the Follow [my book blog] Friday here!

Comment, lovelies!  This here book blogger LOVES comments! ^_^


GOLLY G MINOR BATMAN!  When I went to bed last night, I had 17 comments and 55 followers--now, as of 12:20 PM, I have 40! comments and 79 followers!!  Hopping harptoads!! (anyone ever seen Sword in the Stone? XD)

Thank you everybody for following and for commenting.  If you've left a link, I have responded back (give me a little bit for the newer comments, I'm trying to add a billion new blogs to my dashboard at once. XD).  But I WILL eventually get there.

(think I got a little crazy on the caps?  is there such a thing? XD)