15 March 2010

Author Updates

So I get updates from some of my favorite authors and I found several articles I just HAD to repost because they're so exciting!

First of all, Rick Riordan has some THRILLING news to share about a new Camp Half-Blood series!  *everybody scream*  A Return to Camp Half-Blood, Rick Riordan

OOOHHHHH!  And THIS.  I must draw your attention to the last line of the longer version from "PW".  It set me on FIRE it did.  Holy fudge.  Read it, and you'll know why, especially if you're a huge fan of Shiver & Maggie Stiefvater like me. ^_^ FOREVER (is how long it took to announce this deal)

I post this just because it's hilarious to watch. :P MasterBerk reads Bleeding Violet

Yes, there are only three.  Ah well.  There are always more posts to be made.  I'll post again another time.

Yours truly, Amelia