06 February 2010

Question: Who's the character that annoys you the most?

WHO is the character that annoys you the MOST?

It can be a type of character, or someone in particular.  If it's some specific, please give us ignorant people the book they're from (and the author, thank you.)

Feel free to rant.  Let it all out!

The character that annoys ME the MOST!
I absolutely despise main characters who are just plain dumb.  Like on the Cracker Barrel game.  They are just plain dumb.  They can't fight, can't put two and two together.  Oh boy.  And never forget that they will drop at any new-guy's feet.  Never forget that.

I prefer characters that can see into a situation, they can fight (not required), and they look for more than good looks in their men.  One of my favorite characters is Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore.  She can fight, she doesn't bust out all stalker on Po, and she's got a real mind for the world.  Along those same lines goes Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Katniss is BRILLIANT!

Oh, there's another type of character that just KILLS me.  One comes into mind right away: Steldor from Cayla Kluver's "Legacy".  Oh lord help us all.  He's arrogant, proud, and Alera puts it into words perfectly:  "Steldor doesn't walk; he struts.  He doesn't converse with someone; he blesses them with his presence.  He doesn't even laugh; it's a haughty and degrading sound that twists my insides until I feel sick.  On top of that, he is the most possessive and hot-tempered person I have ever known..."

Steldor is so full of himself, and puts everyone beneath him, especially women and I just want to take my hand to the back of his head every single time he's mentioned.  Shew!  He really gets to me.  Every single time.

So tell me yours. :)

Yours truly, Amelia