30 January 2010

Amazing Grace by Megan Shull

Grace Ace Kincaid has it all. She's a teen sports sensation. Her face and body are on the cover of every magazine. She's front and center on the red carpet. She has the world at her feet, as long as she toes the line. But then she says three little words. Three words that take her out of the spotlight to Medicine Hat, Alaska. Population 272. Grace has the chance to start all over again. It's something she wanted so much. Now the question is: Who will she be?
I've always admired Amazing Grace.  The style is so different but the story is just as touching.  The only reason I gave this a four star is because the writing style caught me off guard at first and I had to scramble to get used to it. However, Megan Shull is as capable as any author to paint the picture of the story in your head, which she does very well.

I thought it was a very touching novel, especially the ending.  The idea was intriguing and though different, the style was clear and concise.  I love the blurb on the back: 

"I'm right here." That's the first thing he said to me. Followed by, "I'm not going anyplace." His hand is warm and strong and when he slips it around mine, I remember to breathe.

"It's all right," he says softly. "You're going to be okay, just"--he pauses and squeezes my hand--"don't move."

I have no intention of moving.

I can't.

My legs are wrapped around the bike and a tree branch is wedged in my face. There's mud up my nose, and--

When Mystery Boy lifts the bike off my legs and I roll over onto my back and see his face, well--

He's not cute--

He's gorgeous.
See the style?  Blocky and short, but somehow very effective.

Book Info

  • pages - paperback, 256
  • published - July 2006
  • publisher - Hyperion
  • genre - contemporary
  • received via - library
  • rating - 4/5